Atisha Travel: theme-travel to Mysore and south-India


Atisha Travel’s vision:

Making tourism more meaningful

Atisha Travel is a newly founded small tour operator, aiming at a niche in the tourist-market: Offering tourists an unforgettable journey in south-India: having the interests of mankind at heart.

Our passion is to create possibilities for tourists who want to visit South-India and – of even greater importance – are looking for a more meaningful and purposeful holiday then is possible with the established tour operators. We aim at people who love to visit India but are put off by the big groups package tours offer. There is a world of potential here if we succeed in creating the right personal atmosphere and render authenticity on our website: But above all at the destination where all details add up to an ‘incredible’ experience!  Tourists just love the feeling they are welcome and valued, they are very willing to pay more for some extra attention, and we’re not aiming at the least expensive options. Our guiding ethos is to provide responsible tourism and to promote conservation awareness, engaging with local communities, stimulating and supporting education and health facilities, emphasizing an equitable and holistic approach.

Reducing poverty through tourism

We like to get to know our guests and give them the chance to improve their quality of life getting in touch with India: by discovering the rich culture, nature, traditions in spirituality and holistic healing. Most tourists will initially come to India to have a holiday and a break from their daily routine of work, but this country has so much more to offer! It can be a journey that improves a guest’s spiritual, mental and physical well-being. How much more rewarding will it be for them to know, that their plans to travel will actually help to improve the lives of local inhabitants too! Some local inhabitants, like farmers, may be economically poor; they can be very rich in social, spiritual and cultural respect, these resources are also playing a role in attracting the tourists. Our guests like to have a full experience of India, not only visiting the main tourist-attractions, but have a responsible attitude and don’t want to disturb the local customs and culture by their presence. They are well aware of the downside of mass-tourism: Damaging wildlife in the national parks and disturbing the local inhabitants, nobody likes to be hounded by cameras as a curiosity. We aim to offer a luxury adventure experience: safe transportation, good food and comfortable rooms. But even more important will be the contact with the dedicated local staff, then the experience will come alive through them.

Committed to sustainable travel and responsible tourism

We are targeting the tourist-traveler who avoids being hurried from one destination to the next, and looks for a real exchange project incorporated in their tour. Because they recognize that mainstream tourism mostly offers impersonal trips that may be scheduled to serve their individual wishes, but still have a stereotype tourist orientation. We don’t aim to be ‘one of many’: we think many more tourists will be coming to India with a sincere interest in humanistic values, with an open eye for the needs in rural India, where most of the archaeological wonders are located. Our guests will be happy to know that they contribute towards education and medical care for the population living around these heritage sites, thus helping the inhabitants to guard their rich inheritance. This way of giving and taking helps in the upkeep of these monuments, saving them for the future.

Making a difference

We are in close contact with Round Table India and Atisha Charitable Trust (ACT), both organizations are rooted in India’s society. RTI is focusing on education and built on average one classroom per day in the last ten years, you can visit their website for all information.

ACT is located just outside Mysore, this organization is actively engaged in social projects: Providing medical care in remote villages and wholeheartedly supporting secular education even though its Buddhist roots. ACT was established by Kundeling Rimpoche in 1993, to fulfill his vision of socially engaged Buddhism. The expertise and social engagement of the trust are an excellent opportunity to assist the economically poor by stimulating local development: There are ambitious plans to provide more medical provisions in villages: modern medical care like mobile hospital services could be combined with alternative healing methods. South India is a rich source for natural herbs used in Ayurvedic medicines; there are plans to make holistic medical treatment freely available for the poor. The trust has plans to assist farmers enhancing their other skills, creating an alternative income-generation program, so they can sustain their families during periods of drought. Poverty and debt are driving farmers to depths of despair and often to suicide. Children in village schools need nutritious meals and vitamin supplements, learning tools and so on. By supporting the ACT, Atisha Travel invests in the local economy and gives back to society; this is directly empowering local communities. This is the way we aim to make your holiday more meaningful: a holistic visit to a land full of amazing places.

22. No chairs and tables for students of the 7th standard. 22Children used to sit on the floor, using their schoolbag as an improvised table: a donation of a number of round tables is a simple but effective way to help children and teachers improve the quality of the schoolwork. Pictures from Arasinekere Govt.School, adopted by ACT.

13.A donation of round tables for 4 classrooms of the GHPS in Arsinakere,July 22nd,2012. 13


Creating opportunities

Mysore and South India are our focal point: In this landscape adorned by national parks, temples and structural wonders there are many possibilities to organize tours. The focal point of the journey can be designed according to your wish: There is a world of opportunities to choose from, but whatever choice you make, you know that a part of the money you spend is used to help in education, social and medical schemes in rural south-India. Atisha Travel’s goal is to function as a social enterprise (social entrepreneurs adopt a mission to create and sustain social value) and a positive force, creating a strategic position in the tourism sector, bridging the gap between guests and local culture, its social communities and nature. For individuals and families we offer an adventure holistic holiday in India that can be a life-changing experience. Or join one of our tours and meet the fabulous mix of faiths and cultures that makes traveling in India a spiritual journey.

In short: Atisha travel is about creating opportunities: for tourists to visit spectacular places in south-India, for the local inhabitants to improve their living standards, a positive return to Indian society.

We respect you and your destination

Atisha Travel’s idea is to present a lot of opportunities, welcoming tourists from all over the world; everyone can pick their choice but they will know that whatever tour or individual package they choose, their inclination to travel will also help medical and educational work in rural India. We respect you and your destination: we are your contact in the Netherlands and Germany when planning a trip to south-India.

An open eye for environmental and human needs

Our service is based on knowledge and personal contact with our local agents in and around Mysore. We are familiar with the possibilities, the landscape, culture and the people; this is what we depend on to help you organize your custom-made tour, both for groups and individual tourists with a holistic and humanistic angle. As a small tour operator we can find the perfect solution for your individual needs. To do this we are in close contact with a number of professionals in many fields, trying to plan the perfect trip for you at your own pace. We cater for individuals, groups and other travel agencies and look forward to help you get the most meaningful holiday in India!



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